Benny in 2006

'Welcome, friends! It gives me so much pleasure to welcome you to my official website. As you know, I started my career in jazz about 65 years ago. I was privileged "to cut my teeth" with the renowned Benny Goodman, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Earl Bostic and Art Blakey. Travelling all over the United States, Europe, Asia and South America, I have been playing the music I love so much.

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Benny in 1944 at the tender age of 15
Benny at 15 in 1944



Benny has upcoming gigs in
Jacksonville, Atlanta and Chicago

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2012 - Germany - SeaHarmony
2011 - Chicago
2010 - Den Haag
2008 - Philadelphia - Brownie Speaks Symposium
2006 - Busto Arsizio - Eventi in Jazz
1987 - Helsinki


Listen to some 1-minute samples from Benny's most recent releases

Benny Golson and the Fritz Pauer Trio
Jazzland (Vienna) 2009

Benny's Solo for Stolen Moments
Viersen (Germany) Jazz Festival 2008

Benny Golson plays "Along Came Betty" in front of an audience of jazz students as the culmination of a master class in playing jazz held at Loyola University, New Orleans, and discusses how he wrote the song.

Rhys Phillips, Radio Cardiff
Vienna (2012)

> radio cardiff jazzspecial website

Saxsounds Magazine
Barcelona, Spain (2012)

> (in Spanish)

All About Jazz

Download Benny's most famous jazz standards in PDF format. Download is free, but you will need a password. Contact with the subject line: sheetmusic password.

> I Remember Clifford
> Killer Joe
> Blues March
> Whisper Not
> Along Came Betty
> Stablemates
> Are You Real ?
> Five Spot After Dark

Benny Golson and Patrick SelmerSelmer Saxophones

"I've been a tenor saxophone player since the age of 14... ...But in the beginning, at age 9, I fancied I wanted to become a concert pianist and went about working very hard (practicing) pursuing this career, acquiring a small repertoire that I made use of when playing for ladies' tea parties and fashion shows......."

John ColtraneBenny & Coltrane

"We both were two young kids, growing up in Philadelphia - aspiring to be musicians. On one occasion, we were both in the same band, as budding saxophonists. - and thinking we were doing quite well......"

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"Jazz Great Benny Golson Is Young Again"
Read a review of Benny's performance at the Lincoln Center in New York in January 2014


Over the years, so many of you have supported my music by coming to my performances and buying my records and CDs. To all of you, my deep and personal THANK YOU!

As you know, I love to interact with my friends and fans worldwide. This website gives me the wonderful opportunity of staying in touch with you and ... more so, of hearing from you personally.

Also, come back regularly to be alerted about upcoming shows and performances.

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Benny Golson